Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shower of Blessings

On Father's Day, we had a combined baby shower for us and father's day lunch. I wasn't sure if I would be having a baby shower this time around since we didn't really need anything other than girl stuff. But man, I'm glad I got to have another shower :)

Mom and Dad to be (again)

Let me say, I have a great group of women in my family. The "older" generation (my mom, aunts, and grandmother) are so talented. Each one of them can do/make something that is homemade. I treasure those gifts so much.

My mom went all out of course and bought baby's cloth diapers, lots of nursery decor, even more baby clothes, and some homemade things too.

My aunt Laney made the baby a fleece outfit that has a hole for the carseat snap too. She embroidered it herself and it says "Baby, it's cold outside". Baby girl will definitely get a lot of use out of it in the mountains.

My other aunt knitted a beautiful purple blanket and grandmother crocheted one. Carter still uses his homemade blankets given to us years ago.

My sister in law, Kayla, had a beautiful dress made for me (courtesy of a friend of hers) and matching accessories. My sister in law, Catie, gave me lots of adorable baby clothes. My brother gave me a beautiful newborn outfit with matching booties (the tiniest I have ever seen!)

We also had some yummy food....wraps for lunch, homemade peach ice cream and casino cakes. Carter of course loved those.....just like his mommy!

So once I got everything home, spread it all in Carter's room and tried not to cry, I packed it up so it would be ready to move in just four short weeks. I can't wait to get her room all set up. I know I've probably said this already but she is going to have the absolute cutest room ever!!

I finished my first sewing project. I had posted a picture of the front of the outfit on my other blog but thought it might be more appropriate on this blog. With a lot of help (or coaching as my mom said), I finished it yesterday! I will post a picture of it hopefully when Carter is napping. I'm so thrilled! I have always wanted to learn how to sew. My grandma would be so proud of me :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I passed!

Today I had my 28 week appointment and my glucose screening test for gestational diabetes. I passed! Yeah. But just in case I hadn't and would not be able to eat junk food for 12 more weeks, I had two brownies and a rather large piece of Theo's strawberry cake last night :)

I have gained 13 pounds so far (3 of those were probably from the brownies and cake!) I will now go for appointments every two weeks instead of four. Carter behaved himself rather well today while at the doctor. So I guess I'll just keep taking him with me until it's time to start checking my cervix! There are just certain things a boy should not see his momma do (or have done to her).

My family is hosting a baby shower for us Sunday in conjunction with Father's Day lunch! I'm so excited. I love baby showers....especially my own.

I'm doing some serious nesting and trying to get baby girl's room all set up without actually setting it up since the packers will be here in one month! I'm finding all sorts of things that go so perfectly with her bedding. She is going to have the cutest nursery ever! Carter's was really cute but hers is going to be fabulous.

Other than that, not much new to report. I'm getting bigger by the day (by the minute it seems at times) and waiting to meet our precious daughter. Theo and I are still trying to decide on a name but I don't think she'll officially have one until we are in the hospital delivering her!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's here!

No, not the baby. Obviously way too early for that but also, I wouldn't refer to her as "it":) I'm talking about her bedding! In case you forgot, this is the one I chose. It was initially my favorite and I couldn't resist it.

I have been checking the UPS website everyday to see where it is and when Carter and I got home last night, there was a huge box on the door step from the circle store (Target). I must say it is too cute! Mom, Carter and I are headed out in a little bit to look at some baskets I found at Michael's that I think may match perfectly! Sooooo exciting :)

Yesterday, I also ordered a sling. I plan to wear her as opposed to pushing her in the stroller a lot more than I did with Carter. I ordered it from hotslings.

I'm also doing to cloth diaper thing this time too. I'll be honest, it's not so much for environmental reasons (which is a plus) as it is for monetary reason. Cloth diapers are a hefty expense upfront but in the long run, they pay off. These are the ones I am going with

from bum genius.

So that is the latest in all things baby girl. Time is flying! Only a little more than 12 weeks and she'll be here. Wow! I'm doing some major nesting right now even though she doesn't have a room to nest in and won't until the end of July. So until then, I'm collecting things to fill the room with eventually! Fun times!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 27

Time is flying by so fast now. I can't believe I only have 13 more weeks to go. It seems like this pregnancy is going by faster than my first pregnancy. I think I have gained more weight to but that is probably in part of all of the eating out I did while in Florida.

Over the weekend, I spent the day with my mom. I was trying to get her feel baby girl move. My mom felt her and said she was having hiccups. I guess I didn't realize it but that is definitely what it was. A little repetitive jump. Carter had those ALL the time! I would see my belly poke out barely over and over with him and it seems baby sister is following in her big brother's footsteps.

I finally ordered her bedding, I went with the bubblegum. I think I will be very happy with it. I obviously won't get to set her nursery up until the very end once we're settled in Colorado but I'm at least getting the stuff I want ordered. She will use Carter's furniture since it has the crib, changing table, dresser and rocker. And Carter will get a big boy bed once we move.

I am having a family shower on Father's Day and really can't think of anything I need. I kept everything we had from Carter. She will need a bassinet/cradle but I haven't got around to picking one out yet. I truly do have everything else except girl clothes (which I do have, but could always use more).

My next appointment is one week from Tuesday. Then I will have to start going every two weeks. I imagine I'll make an appointment with my new doctor in Colorado quickly after we get there. If you want to see where I'll be having baby girl, click here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 26

I took a blogging hiatus last week while out of town. The only new belly pics I have to show are from the beach. They are a little more revealing than what I usually post but I wanted you all to see how big I'm getting :)

I decided this time, I was going to be proud of my pregnant belly and not worry about wearing a maternity bathing suit. It was so hot down there that I'm glad I wore a bikini. Most of the pregnant women I saw down there were wearing bikinis too so I didn't feel so bad.

I don't have much new to report. I did find a doctor in Colorado who is willing to take me that late in my pregnancy so that is a huge relief to me. My next OB appt here is in a couple of weeks and I have to have the gestational diabetes test done then. Hopefully, that will all come back fine. I don't know what I'd do if I had to say goodbye to Ben and Jerry. It's funny though but this pregnancy, I have eaten more fruit than I probably have in my whole life. I still can't manage to squeeze in as many veggies as I'd like but I'm definitely getting plenty of fruit. I don't even want to know how much weight I've gained after having been out of town for almost two weeks and eating out every day. Ugh, I feel so blah right now and am in desperate need of a good home cooked meal! Fortunately, I'm going out to mom's later this week for my birthday meal! Yea, finally some good home cooking!