Friday, January 14, 2011

36 and 37 weeks

The baby is now considered full-term! Hard to believe. Not that I want to the baby to come early, because I honestly don't (I'm not quite prepared!) but it's nice to know that if he or she does come now, it's okay.

 Belly Shot:
I have finally picked out some fabric for the baby's room if baby is a girl. I'm still looking for boy fabric. I think it's perfect! Mom is going to make the bedding. I'm so excited. I haven't been able to find that perfect bedding for either gender so I'm thrilled she's agreed to take on this task. Baby will be sleeping in our room for a while in the pack-n-play until we decide whose room he or she will share. We have a 4 bedroom house but one room is an office/guest room. So baby will have to shack up with either big brother or big sister. But with Olivia's awful sleeping habits, if baby is a girl, who knows when that will happen?

My mother-in-law will be here on the 26th. I'm thinking I won't ask to be induced before my due date but by the 1st or 2nd, hopefully the baby will be here. That way we have a few days with my MIL still here to get adjusted. I think it's going to be a lot harder with this baby then it was with Olivia since Olivia is at an age where it's all about her and she is quite the demading drama queen :) I'm praying everyday that we will all just survive the next several weeks and bond as a family!


  1. I understand what you mean about the all about me stage, that sounds just like our Claire. You look fantastic, you're a wonderful mother & I know you'll do great when Baby Panton #3 arrives. I'll keep you in my prayers though because I know it will be a trying time for everyone.

  2. I wish I were there to drum my fingers on your baby bump like I did with Olivia. You are one beautiful preggo! Your momma loves you!