Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Due Date

My due date has come and (almost) gone. I'm thankful I did not have to get out today because the wind chill is negative 30 degrees today. But there is always tonight! :)

The plan is for me to call the hospital at 5 a.m. and make sure there is a bed. If so, we'll head up there. As of Friday, I was the only one on the schedule so we'll see. Hopefully this crazy weather won't have cause a lot of women to go into labor and I can "get in" tomorrow.  With Olivia, it was such an emotional rollercoaster of a week. I called almost everyday for five days and there was no room for me. I guess I should have been thankful not to go into labor on my own or I might have had to birth Olivia out in the hallway!

Very well may be the last time I ever see myself with a pregnant belly!
I am a hormonal ball of emotions right now. I feel like I have held it together pretty well for the most part. But I am excited, overwhelmed, anxious, relieved, and a whole lot of other things. I am anxious about bringing home another baby when Olivia still seems like she's a baby. I don't worry about Carter. He's such a big helper. But I worry about how to handle the demands of a newborn along with a very demanding 16 month old.  I worry about feeling trapped in my own home because it's too cold to go out. I miss the support system, both family and friends, I had when I delivered Carter. I was telling Theo earlier today that the only baby gift I've gotten this time was a blanket from my friend Evie from church. (Oh, I did get cloth diapers from my good friend Georgette today) Not that I need anything.....that is the good thing about having a boy and a girl, but it was a little sad to me. I know that's ridiculous!

We still have not decided on this baby's name, mostly because we don't know the baby's gender. Hopefully we'll decide something tomorrow but for any of you who know my husband also know that may not happen! :)

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. I feel mostly at peace that everything will be okay but I want to hold our precious baby and see that everything is okay and that he or she is healthy. I'll keep you posted!


  1. You are ready! Don't fret over the gift thing. Your family in Lousiana has something special planned for you and the baby. Just waiting to find out the gender. You are not forgotten! We love you.

  2. yeah what she said :) I think about you every day. I am so excited for you. Even though Ava was unplanned I love her so much and she brings such joy to my life on the craziest of days. I know your new addition will for you too. I also know you will be great with them all. We can't wait to see yall this summer. We will have some warm...and prob muggy weather waiting on ya lol