Wednesday, December 22, 2010

34 weeks and surprise pictures!

Yesterday I had my routine 34 week appointment. I've gained 14 pounds ( I knew the scale was wrong last time!) I assumed I was cruising along as expected. But yesterday Dr. R said I had been measuring small (that was news to me) so she sent me for an ultrasound today just to check everything. I wasn't too terribly worried about it. Carter always measured 1-2 weeks smaller than what I was supposed to be. But with everything else that has gone on this pregnancy, I couldn't help be a little paranoid. I was so glad Theo was able to go. I think he went mostly because he was afraid I'd find out the baby's gender and not tell him! Ha!
25 weeks and 34 weeks

It was such a wonderful thing to see our sweet baby's face again. How different he or she looks from the last ultrasound at 25 weeks. The baby is about 4 pounds right now and is in the 37% for growth. So everything looks great! My placenta and amniotic fluid are normal and the tech says the baby has a headful of hair! Maybe the whole lots of hair and heartburn thing is actually true this time. I've never really had heartburn before but this pregnancy has been totally unlike either of my other pregnancies!
Sorry about the quality of the pictures but I took a picture of the pictures so it's not great. In this one, the baby is puckering up and I think looks a lot like Olivia in my opinion.

In this one, you can see baby sucking his or her thumb:

What a great Christmas picture to be able to see our baby!

And flashback to the 25 week picture:


  1. So precious. Both of you look great! I can hardly wait to meet baby P.

  2. It's just going to be a little bundle of joy like all of yours have been...I can give you some heffer milk!! lol I can't wait to see baby P and Ava interacting together. They will only be about 3 months apart :)